Selling Your Home Part 3 – Staging

Realtors and home design experts present yet another puzzle when giving advice on how best to show off your house when selling it. They say to remove most traces of yourself from your home so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there, but not to depersonalize the house in such a way that it looks lonely and unlived in. At Aberdeen Homes, we’re experts in this art and science of staging a home, which we do in all our show homes. Here are our top tips for furnishing and decorating your home to draw attention to its best features.

Deep clean all the house: see article 2 in this series for cleaning, repair and reno advice

Remove clutter: take everything off every horizontal surface; only put back objects that add to the decor of the room and only one or two at that – think neutral items such as a vase of flowers or a glass ornament. The goal, especially in the kitchen, is to show how much counter and shelf space you have. Pack away any collections you have (dolls, china, even books) as the potential owners need to imagine their own stuff in your space.

Hide evidence of your pets: remove any sight, sound and smell of anything to do with your pets, including the dog, cat or hamster, as not everyone is a pet lover.

Furnish every room for its intended purpose: if you’re advertising your home as 4 bedrooms, make sure at least 3 of these rooms contain a bed; the 4th room can be furnished as a den as most people now have some form of home office. Don’t have rooms doing double duty.

Highlight, don’t hide, the focal points: don’t put sofas in front of windows or sliding glass doors; don’t block your attractive fireplace; if you have a window seat, place comfy cushions, a throw rug and a book there.

Style your dining room: if you have a dining table, it can look bare if you don’t style it. Use a table runner to add warmth and texture to the room and maybe a few decorative bowls. If you have a family home, think about having two place settings with kids’ china.

Rearrange your furniture into symmetrical groupings: it’s pleasing to look at, and practical too.

Create a gender-neutral master bedroom: see our article on Hotel Style Decor for the perfect balance of style and personality for this room.

Remove stuff from your closets: aim for about 30 percent open space to show there’s plenty of room

Keep the kids’ rooms organized and tidy: it’s OK to leave just a few toys around the house, though.

Stage the awkward areas in your home: show how to use the nook under the stairs or the small upper landing.

Don’t forget to stage the outdoors areas too: especially the backyard deck, and tidy up the garage.
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