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We publish a few annual articles – our seasonal maintenance series for example – and we always write a colour report on Pantone’s Colour of the Year in January. This year’s colour is a bit of a surprise. As we reported in our Colour Trends for Spring 2015 article, fashion and interior design experts alike were expecting Pantone to select a shade of blue for the predominant colour of 2015 – with Indigo being the popular favourite.

However, Pantone have chosen…wait for it… Marsala as their Colour of 2015. Canadians and Americans may not be familiar with the name as much as Europeans, as Marsala is a fortified red wine from Italy, along the lines of sherry and port. It’s not a drink you see here very often. Don’t confuse Marsala (the wine) with Masala, a blend of spices from India mixed and ground together and an entirely different colour palette.
Robust and earthy
Back to Marsala, the colour of 2015. According to the Pantone website, it’s a “naturally robust and earthy wine red.” It’s a “subtly, seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.” Marsala seems to be somewhat of a hybrid colour for Pantone. They call it “hearty yet stylish” and “dramatic and at the same time grounding,” and suggest that it appeals both to men and women. It’s a much more subdued colour than those of previous years and will work best as an accent in your rooms.

Where to use
From the photos here, you can see that Marsala is indeed a warm colour, a red with strong undertones of brown. It’s a shade that can act as a grounding influence in your decor, but the big question is where do you use it and how much of it can your home comfortably hold? One of Pantone’s answers is that Marsala is a good fit for your kitchen and dining room, where splashes of it in your table linens and small appliances help to give a nurturing vibe to these spaces. We’re not sure yet, however, what small appliances you’ll be able to find in this fairly difficult colour.

Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate a hint of Marsala in your home decor is in the way of textiles for pillows. This is a colour that looks stunning in a matte, textured finish, such as damask or with a slight sheen as in brocade. We suspect that Marsala as a colour will work better in the fashion and makeup worlds than in the interior decor realm.
Colour schemes
If you’re a purist about having the latest colours in your home , Marsala could prove to be a difficult colour to find. Similar dark red colours include burgundy, claret, wine, bordeaux and maroon, differing slightly in the amount of brown that they contain.

As for colour schemes which work with Marsala, Pantone does suggest a few, see Useful Link below. However, we suggest that it’s more practical to look to the colours in our Colour Trends for Spring 2015 article for your main colour inspiration this year, and then incorporate one small accessory piece in Marsala if you can.
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