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You’ve probably come across a home decor trend popular for bedrooms and bathrooms that’s been around for a few years – Hotel Style. Many of us with fairly limited travel budgets have wondered why we’d want to sleep in a room that resembles our last motel room or shower in a cramped bathroom with little bottles of body wash. In fact, Hotel Style decor refers to the high-end (and expensive) boutique hotels that have sprung up in the world’s major cities – often with 5 star ratings but always unique and put together by world-famous designers. Here are a few ways to achieve your own Hotel Style decor at home, even if you can’t afford to on vacation.

Keywords to keep in mind
Sanctuary, sophisticated and luxury.

Use calming colours found in nature
• Blue-greens from the ocean, such as azure and turquoise.
• Greens from the rainforest and your garden, including sage, mint and celery.
• Neutrals in warm sophisticated shades that feature creams, taupes and golden whites through to slightly darker browns including coffee; soft shades of grey work well too.

Monochromatic colour schemes, in all shades of one colour, are both relaxing and sophisticated. But if you must have colour:
• Opt for just one or two accessories in a muted colour (perhaps Marsala – Pantone’s Colour of 2015 – see our article on this).
• Or use a metal, such as bronze or copper, as your accent colour.

Think fluffy for comfort and luxury
• Large, fluffy bath towels heated on a warming rack in the bathroom.
• Full-length extra-large bath robes to cocoon you.
• Light-as-air duvets or comforters to snuggle under.
• As a contrast, sleek and smooth high-thread-count cotton sheets and duvet cover to slip between; or silk if you’re going for the ultimate luxury.

A good sleep is the ultimate luxury
• Buy the most comfortable bed you can afford, suited to whether you prefer a soft or hard mattress, or one that’s adjustable.
• Don’t neglect your pillows; supporting your head well can create a restful sleep.
• If you have room, set up a seating area in your bedroom to relax in away from the bustle of family life.
• Have soft rugs underfoot to soothe your feet.
• Have different layers of lighting – reading lamps, maybe an extravagant chandelier, a wall sconce.
• How about a luxurious silk wallpaper on a feature wall?

Add the touches that make you feel pampered
• Perhaps the latest magazines and books on your bedside table.
• Lightly fragrant candles in the bathroom for a warm glow to shower by.
• Your favourite artwork or photos from your travels on the wall.
• Expensive chocolate .

Keep it minimal
One thing that makes a hotel room inviting is that it is pristine when you first enter. Declutter the bedroom and bathroom to achieve a minimalist look, create a relaxing environment and make it easy to house clean (as you don’t have a maid at home!).
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