Getting your Home Decor Ready for Spring – the Basics

We whetted your appetite for the change of seasons with our article on Colour Trends for Spring 2015 (see Useful Link), but now it’s time to seriously give some thought to changing your home’s decor to welcome spring’s slightly longer days, brighter sunshine and return of colours other than the white of snow. Whatever your budget, there’s something you can do in your home to freshen up the decor and invite lightness in.

Spring cleaning

We’ll get this out of the way first as it’s a chore that most people seem to dread. But consider spring cleaning as a time to sweep away all the heavy, stagnant energy of winter and make space for the freshness of spring. It’s also the chance to take stock of all your possessions and decide what stays in your decor plan for the spring and what goes away into storage.


Textures, perhaps even more than colours, help define a season in home decor. You probably have some wool throws on your couch to snuggle under in the cooler winter evenings, even if you have the furnace turned way up. Your duvet cover may be of a heavier weight cotton than in the summer and your bedroom drapes may also be thicker. Bring in lighter fabrics and materials for spring, such as cotton, linen and sheers.


The textures of winter fabrics tend to have patterns that make us feel grounded and safe; in contrast, spring-like patterns are vibrant and lively. In addition to the usual florals, look for striped geometric patterns such as chevrons and other diagonals that exude energy, as well as patterns involving butterflies, foliage or other springtime motifs. The guideline here is that if the pattern makes you smile, it’s good for spring – so bring on the polka dots.


Colour works alongside texture and pattern to complete the spring look. Even though we’ve reported on the colour trends for spring 2015, (see Useful Link), any bright colours that reminds you of spring flowers work well here. Find inspiration for your colour scheme in a photo of a spring bouquet and remember that in nature no colours seem to clash.

Amount of Stuff

Winter is often a time of hibernation, of cocooning in the home, and we tend to keep a lot of our things around us. To reflect the new airiness and lightness of spring, put some of these items and objects away. This will leave open space around you and allow your home to “breathe.” Select just a few, favourite items to display, maybe some that reflect the themes of growth and newness of spring, and place them in prominent positions in your home. And don’t forget that a simple pot of daffodils or tulips appeals to most of our senses.

Useful link

Aberdeen Homes: Colour Trends for Spring 2015


Search on Google for images for “spring flowers” for more colour inspiration


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